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Faith Community Church of God

Faith Community Church of God



About Us

A warm, welcoming congregation of believers with an emphasis on the truth of scripture, an understanding unity in diversity, and the need for preaching the authority of the Bible in modern life.

Pastor Adrian Powell, fondly known as ''Pastor A.'', is the spiritual leader of the congregation and seeks to serve others in the most effective way possible. Known for having sermons that speak to where people are today, he brings the text of the Old and New Testament Bible alive as he preaches verse-by-verse through the text.

While the congregation is mostly white, we have a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds that allow us to reflect the world as it is today, including black, Hispanic and Asian-Pacific families.

We welcome anyone who would like honest answers to honest question about the nature of faith, God, reasons to believe and how faith is important in today's society. Biblical Christianity is not irrelevant in the 21st century; in fact, it is more relevant.

With technology providing access to more and more information,we don't need more data but more importantly to ask if we are asking the right questions? And it's necessary that we be able to engage in dialog, rather than only listening to our own ideas. We try to make everyone feel welcome while understanding that we are all different.

But for all our differences, we have more in common than we have division. We all look to love and be loved. We all want answers to life's questions. And we all want to know where we're headed.

Come join us in finding the right answers to these questions.


Faith Community Church of God
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