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Hey, I'm Stacy. I believe the most critical part of marketing is connecting with customers to build relationships with your business. Every touchpoint customers have with your brand is a marketing opportunity. And successful brands use these opportunities to build relationships with customers.

So, how do they do it?
• They know their customer - like, really well.
• They care about their customers. A. Lot.
• Their product or service is distinctly different from competitors/peers.
• They have a personality that makes them memorable.
• They create opportunities for customers to engage with them in meaningful ways.
• They are consistent. They reliably deliver on expectations each and every time.

This is how I help businesses grow with marketing. I figure out what their customers are like, what differentiates them from competitors/peers, how to make their brand sticky, and I build marketing plans that engage throughout the customer journey (awareness, purchase, retention, expansion, loyalty). These are my marketing superpowers.

I love to answer marketing questions, so be sure to ask me one!

Oh, right - my bio. I have 15+ years of marketing experience mostly in the business-to-consumer space. I have worked in food service, consumer packaged goods, retail, and finance. I recently left corporate marketing to put my skills towards helping small businesses and startups. And, I love pencils. They allow us to be flexible, but still neat and tidy.


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Plans
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Local Marketing


Hey, I'm Stacy! I can help you grow your business with marketing. (Oh, and I love pencils!)
Marketing should build relationships with customers!
Seriously, I ? pencils!
As a marketer, you must be an advocate for your customer.
I'm a marketing generalist - which means, I know everything about all the marketing things.
Like, the funnest! And marketing should be fun, right?