2023 Arts in the Alley Application

Registration Information
Jurying begins June 1,2023. All applications will be juried. No one is guaranteed acceptance, or a specific space based on past attendance and/or location. Jurying will continue until we are full. If we exceed the number of acceptable entries in any category. Acceptance will be based on the date the application was received.
Full Name
Full Address( Includes City, State and Zip)
Entry Information
Applications/entries must be postmarked by June 1,2022. Entries must include a website link or three (3) recent pictures of your work and display( digital photos are accepted).
Space Size ( each artist may reserve up to 2 spaces each) *
$15 Art Display Rack ( Price Per each, max 3 per vendor) *
Payment Information
Please note that a non-refundable jury fee of $25 will be charged for all those previous vendors that have not sent their survey in before 3/15/223. If paying by check, please submit separate check for jury fee. Credit card, checks and cash are accepted as payment. Checks should be addressed to the Grove City Area Chamber of Commerce or GCACC. Acceptance of payment does not indicate your acceptance. It is the policy for the Chamber to cash checks as they are received. If you are not accepted, your registration fee will be refunded as soon as possible following the completion of the jury process. Should you choose to pay by credit card. Separate instruction will be sent.
Acceptance of Rules and Guidelines
Festival Rules, Guidelines, and Policies 1. All entries will be juried by a standards committee. Work that is not appropriate for exhibition will be rejected. Work that includes full nudity, alcohol or cannabis will automatically be rejected. Commercial or political space will not be permitted. Please see governing polices for further explanation. 2. All work must be original and 90 % handcrafted by the artist. No kits or mold ware. The Arts in the Alley Festival Committee has the right to investigate the origins of all artwork presented. If any artwork is found to be not original of the applicant's creation, the Arts in the Alley Festival Committee will ask for that item to be taken down. 3. No rain date will be established. Jury fees are nonrefundable. 5. Liability insurance is highly recommended but not required. 6. Artists or their representative must be present with their artwork during the festival. The Arts in the Alley Festival Greeters will provide a substitute as needed for vendor breaks. 7. The Grove City Area Chamber of Commerce will provide a vendor's license which all paid exhibitors are responsible for displaying during the festival. 8. Exhibitors must have merchandise ready for sale by opening time and will display their work until festival closing time. 9. Electricity will be provided to all tent and street spaces. Electricity is available to street spaces ,exhibitor is responsible for providing extension cords and cord covers. Cords must be in good condition (no fraying or exposed wire). A maximum of one (1) 60-watt light and/or calculator is/are permitted in any space, and cords and cord covers must comply with code. 10. No stakes may be hammered into street asphalt and trailer space is not available. 11. Service animals only. No other animals will be permitted. 12. No vehicles are permitted in the festival area during festival hours. Violators will be towed and not invited back. 13. Good Neighbor Policy – We expect all of our exhibiting artists to show respect and courtesy to their booth neighbors. Please do not engage in any activities that will decrease your neighbor’s ability for success. Do not be rude, loud, encroach on their space, engage their customers inappropriately, use strong smelling chemicals, play music too loudly, or in any way be disrespectful. 14. Only approved inventory may be included - Work displayed on site must be consistent with the work shown in the digital images submitted. No work outside of your juried category will be allowed. A complete list of your proposed inventory of for-sale items must accompany your application and only those items approved may be included in your on-site booths and sales. All displayed work must have been accepted by the jury process. 15. Vendors may not sell items that have copyrighted or trademarked images, without proof of licensing agreement with the owner of the copyright or trademark .
I agree to assume all risk of loss, damage, theft, or injury to merchandise and representatives. The official contract will be in effect upon my receiving a written notice of acceptance by the Arts in the Alley Committee. I will abide by the rules and regulations of the festival, a copy of which is included. I also understand that all pieces of art presented to be part of the GCACC Arts in the Alley Festival Shows will be original, in good taste, and that the GCACC Arts in the Alley Committee reserves the right to exercise discretion and cause any inappropriate piece(s) to be removed *
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