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Take & Bake Marketing


Marketing & Design

About Us

A fresh approach to marketing services and strategy! Welcome to Take & Bake Marketing provides an affordable approach to high-quality design featuring rapid turn-around and fast implementation.

“Far too often clients find themselves in a guessing game between huge price and quality differentials …” said Eberhart, “…T&B looks to break such barriers by providing experience and quality with an upfront, flat rate pricing model.”

The name “Take & Bake Marketing” embodies all that we do on behalf of our clients. We work diligently to customize the right recipe’ for your business built around your customer’s specific tastes (marketing strategy); we provide all of the necessary ingredients (web sites, graphic design, video, audio, etc.); and we measure each to provide detailed instructions on how to mix. The client is the main ingredient! Once the recipe, ingredients, and directions are in place – the client has to get in the kitchen, follow the recipe and start cookin’ to enjoy the flavors of success! Take. And. Bake.